Life Insurance

When should I take out life insurance?

Life insurance is an insurance product that pays out a lump sum of money on death.

Many people look to purchase life insurance when they reach life stages such as getting married, having a child or buying a home with their partner.

Life insurance provides the peace of mind to let you enjoy your life the way you should, without breaking the bank.

There are various types of life cover to suit all circumstances, whether you need single life, joint life (for a couple) or protection for an existing mortgage. Your policy can be tailored to increase, decrease or secure a lump sum pay-out that you know won’t change over the period of your cover.

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Whole of life – inheritance tax and funeral cover

Provides guaranteed insurability options with no specified term. When placed in trust benefits do not form part of your estate therefore becoming inheritance tax exempt. While whole of life is more expensive it is also more stable.

Don’t become a burden

Before you leave something behind, there may be outstanding debts like a mortgage, credit card or car loans to settle. An expense that has increased by 88% in the last decade is funeral and burial cost, averaging £8.000 in the UK in 2016. By 2020 an increase of 50% is forecast. As referenced in the survey from the National Association of Funeral Directors.

  • All major insurers reviewed
  • Single or joint life policies
  • Expert recommendation
  • Guaranteed premiums
  • Level, decreasing or increasing term options
  • Tailor your policy to suit your individual needs
  • Policies placed in trust at no extra cost
  • Specialist adviser to guide you step-by-step through a sometimes confusing process

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